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Benefits of an Agency

Do you feel like the recruitment mountain is ever growing on your shoulders? Do you feel like you do not have time to find the right candidate? Do you feel like the applications in your inbox are all irrelevant to the role at hand? Do you feel like you could use your time on your other duties? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it is time to consider giving DB Recruitment a call. The benefits of DB Recruitment are endless, and some will be discussed below –  

  1. Access to a more in-depth talent pool 

DB Recruitment networks with industry leaders and does not wait for candidates to apply for a position. We can headhunt and have discussions with candidates who need to be poached.  

  1. Time saving 

DB Recruitment will source through the hundreds of applications received per position. A large portion of these applications are not relevant to the role at hand. We will only send you 4 / 5 relevant applicants. These applicants have been screened, referenced and met face to face or via video call. 

  1. Interview prepared 

All candidates are assisted in preparing for an interview. This means that the candidate is given all necessary information and can ask the consultant anything they wanted to know. The benefit of this is that it ensures both the interviewer and interviewee are on the same page before an interview takes place.  

  1. Flexibility 

DB Recruitment was established to offer you a flexible service. We offer a pay off period on all placements and this allows companies to pay for a candidate over a few months.  

  1. After offer support 

DB Recruitment stays in touch with a candidate throughout their resignation period. Once an offer has been signed DB Recruitment will assist the candidate throughout their notice. We therefore ensure that the candidate does not have a change of heart.  

  1. CV 

A comprehensive CV is provided with every recruitment task we face. This CV is easy to read, has only relevant information and is tailored to each position. 

Still not convinced? Get in touch with DB Recruitment today to discuss what we could do for your business. I challenge you to put DB Recruitment to the test and guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.  

Thank you for always taking the time to read my articles,  

Donald Buchan 

DB Recruitment  

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