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About DB Recruitment

We are based in Cape Town, but we recruit across the country, meaning that we won’t shy away from only delivering the highest quality of service to our applicants. We combine our passion, years of experience, and industry knowledge to ensure only the best for candidates and clients alike. Our dedicated consultants will always ensure to provide you with a long-lasting relationship. 

To ensure the utmost client satisfaction, each candidate gets handpicked, screened, and also referenced. We carry all the cost for the sourcing, screening, and advertising of candidates, because that’s how much we believe is finding the best fit for our clients. We also offer a guaranteed period on all permanent placements and this will vary depending on the rate agreed upon. 

We commit ourselves to providing you with a thorough service and a satisfactory experience with every recruitment project while holding ourselves to a high standard of ethics and professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile. We at DB Recruitment invite you to put us to the test and we guarantee no disappointment. 

Our Recruitment Process

  1. Job Spec: Before the sourcing process begins, your designated consultant will call you to validate all the details in terms of the position. This ensures that we also gather any relevant additional information which can help ensure we find the perfect candidate.
  2. Sourcing: We plan adverts and place them on specific platforms to ensure we reach a specific target audience. The sourcing process then includes candidates responding to our placed adverts, our database, as well as various job portals. We don’t want to focus on just one job portal because when using various portals, we’ll be able to find the “diamond in the rough”.
  3. Screening: Our consultants are specialists in their respected field and therefore know their sector and industry jargon to ensure a candidate matches a position.
  4. Reference: We save you the time and effort by ensuring that we conduct the reference checks on the candidate we are laying forward. We can also arrange for a candidate to have all the ITC checks completed for your consent.
  5. Interview: We meet all the candidates face to face, ensuring they’re completely committed to the process. If they are out of the province, we’ll reach them through video call.
  6. CV: We provide clients with a comprehensive DB Recruitment CV. We highlight important information, ensuring you an easy-to-read document.
  7. Client Interview: We prepare all candidates for the interview process. This includes providing them with all the job specs, the research done on the company, having all necessary information for the interview process and asked the consultant questions in the future. This saves both the client and the candidate time securing both parties agreeing before the interview takes place.
  8. Resignation & Support: Once a decision has been made on the suitable candidate, the consultant will assist them with the resignation process of their previous position, ensuring they don’t reconsider. During the time of their notice period, we provide them with all the support also when they have started their new role. The consultant also stays in touch with the client to ensure satisfaction with the selected candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do recruitment agencies work?

Clients will come to them with job vacancies that need to be filled, agencies will then post a job vacancy on various job platforms and on their own site. They already have a database of candidates from whom they can start searching through to start the process for the perfect match. If the agency is successful, the client will pay a “finder’s fee” which is usually a percentage of the candidate’s salary. 

Does that mean the candidate earns less money when placed by a consultant?

No, the client pays the fee directly to the agency. It’s not taken out of the candidate’s salary, that’s merely how it’s calculated. 

When does a fee become payable?

A fee is only payable when a candidate becomes employed and starts work. 

What is included in the fee agreed upon?

Advertising, sourcing, and headhunting the relevant candidate. Candidate validation, references, and a meeting via Skype or in person. Presenting an offer and keeping in touch through the candidate’s notice period. We also can conduct the relevant criminal, credit, and qualifications check. 

What type of recruitment solutions do we offer?

We offer you a wide range of solutions, including temporary, contract, and permanent placements. Whatever you need is, we’ll help you find the right solution. 

What cost is involved for the candidate?

There is no cost involved for the candidate, only the prospective employer has to pay a fee. 

Who can submit their CV?

We don’t limit anyone with sending through their CV, because we deal with a wide range of industries and are always open to receiving your resume to upload to our database. We do, however, have to state that we can unfortunately guarantee no decision made by the client, as they have the final say. 

What happens if my application is unsuccessful?

Your profile gets uploaded to our database, which fully complies with the POPI Act, and we will contact you as soon as another opportunity arises that will be the best fit for you.