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Interview Tips

I hope that you are all been keeping safe and that your lives have been starting to go a little more back to normal. This month’s article will be focusing on interview tips. A few basic but critical interview tips will be discussed below that can ensure you increase your chances in being successful for the position.  

The reality hits home when you find out that you have an interview for a position you applied for. If a recruiter finds out that their candidate has an interview, they are excited but often tend to forget that the candidate’s heart sinks and nerves kick in when the message is carried across. Interviews can be daunting, and the nerves are normal, but they unfortunately can’t be carried across in the interview.  

The first tip for an interview is around what to wear. This would all depend on the type of position you are being laid forward for. A semi-formal approach is always your best bet but also depends on the type of organisation you are applying to. If you are an accountant at a high-end firm a more formal approach may need to be followed. If you are a tradesman / woman for example you will still want to follow a semi-formal approach. First impressions last and therefore an untidy first impression is one you are going to want to avoid.  

Time: make sure that you leave enough time to drive to the interview. Leave time for things such as parking and traffic as you never know what could be waiting for you when you hit the road. Not having enough time can make that you enter the interview flustered and starts you on the back foot from the beginning.  

The interview begins from the moment you enter the door. Treat the receptionist with the same respect you would treat the interview panel as he / she could pick up on a negative impression and inform the panel after the interview.  

RESEARCH! RESEARCH! RESEARCH! This is one of the most critical aspects of the interview process. Do research on the company by reading both the company’s website as well as any news articles which are made available online. The interview panel will want to see your knowledge of the company or would find it extremely appealing if they see you have read up about them. This will give you an upper hand throughout the entire process.  

Relate back to your experience. Always ensure that you relate your education, background experience or skills back to the job you are applying for.  

Body language and posture is key. Ensure that you make eye contact with the entire panel to show them confidence in your ability. Don’t cross your arms in the interview as it gives the panel the impression of disinterest. Ensure that you maintain a good posture during the entire interview. Don’t fidget too much with papers, your hair or a glass of water / coffee that may have been given to you. 

Ask relevant questions: prepare a list of questions that you want to ask the panel. These questions can include questions about the company culture, team size or growth opportunities.  

Thank the interview panel for the opportunity and ensure them that you are excited to hear back from them about the next step in the process.  

These are just a few basic tips to ensure that you enter that next interview with that extra bit of confidence. If DB Recruitment lays you forward for any position, we will assist you in preparing for that interview and ensure that you are as confident as you can be. 

Till next time: keep safe and remember to social distance! 

Donald Buchan 

Owner DB Recruitment  

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