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Donald Buchan



Donald Buchan was born and raised in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. Donald, having recently tied the knot with what he describes as a very supportive spouse, has two animal children, a Siberian husky and Marine Fish, but that might change in the future. In his free time, he enjoys the outdoors and is passionate about soccer. He has over three years of experience in recruitment, working for various sectors. 

Both his grandfather and father were HR managers for large corporate companies for 30 years and were firm believers in treating everyone equally. That cultivated the way Donald approaches every single recruitment project. He is a firm believer in being adaptable in the ever changing recruitment sector. One of his goals is to introduce new and exciting means of recruiting while still maintaining the essential core of the industry, which is not only matching the perfect candidate for the role but also ensuring company culture. 

His business values include quality, willingness to go the extra mile and providing complete satisfaction for both candidate and client alike. He looks forward to meeting with you and building a sustainable and lasting relationship with employees and employers. 

Education & Bar Admission

Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Pearson Institute of Higher Education