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Clyde Elhadad



Clyde Elhadad is the proud owner of Hitek Security Distributors, Hitek Accounting & Hitek Clearing and Forwarding. His passion has always been to bring reliable, trustworthy, and sophisticated products and services to the South African market. 

He always strives to find a solution to any problem and expects only the best form himself and the people he works with. Clyde is originally from Israel, and is married to a South African for 13 years now. Apart from their three beautiful kids who keep them very busy, when they have free time, they love to spend it together as a family and making memories with each other. 

Over 14 years ago, he started his first business from his garage and grew it to a successful platform to serve his customers on the highest level. Throughout the years, he has built several other businesses and continues to pursue that till today. His passion is finding solutions for businesses and there he found his desire for consulting and recruiting. 

He also mentors other successful business owners to scale their business to the next level. His strength would be, without a doubt, being able to grow, scale, change, and pivot a business to its highest success.